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Say hello to your new favorite pair of earrings and biodegradable glitter blend duo. 


With your order, you will receive a surprise set of whimsical earrings and one surprise biodegradable glitter blend to match.

*NEW* glasses chains are now available! Keep your eyeglasses and sunglasses safe, accessable, and decorated af. Your glasses chain will also be paired with a complementary biodegradable glitter blend. 


A note on the handmade jewelry: 

Some of these have been crafted with ethically harvested Brood X cicada wings, some with miscellaneuous trinkets, some with disco balls, and some even have earplugs, or some combination of all these whimsical elements. You could recieve any one of these. Requests can not be made for a specific pair and your pair may not be featured in thee photos, in fact they may not even be crafted yet. No pair is ever the same. Your earrings will be a complete surprise! However, your answers to the style prompts will be taken into consideration. 

Surprise Set of Whimsical Earrings + Biodegradable Glitter Set

Price Options
One-time purchase
Earring Subscription
Subscribe for a surprise set of earrings each month!
$15.00every month until canceled

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