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These newest 2024 seasonal blends are inspired by the magic of the spring and summer months.

Firefly is a bright blend of fuschia, teal, and gold tones.

Disco lights is a vibrant blend of hot pink, orange and teal tones.

Floral bouquet is a colorful fuchsia, teal, aqua, orange, and violet.

Wildflower meadow is a lively green blend with hints of the whole rainbow sprinkled in.

Sunshine is a warm blend of gold and orange hues.

Beach nights is a cool blend of violet, blue and iridescent tones.


Made from plants, not microplastics, this glitter breaks down in almost any environment. This blend of biodegradable Sparkle and Pure glitter is cosmetic safe, vegan friendly and sustainably sourced. All Glitter Nymph blends come in biodegradable packaging with recycled paper labels.


*If you’d like a small container of aloe to apply the dry mix to yourself choose “aloe please!” and you will get a small container of aloe on the side (1 per order). In an effort to reduce unnecessary waste, if you don’t need the aloe because you’re crafting or plan to use something else or any other reason choose “no aloe” at checkout. ALL MIXES COME DRY AS THEY TEND TO DEGRADE WHEN PRE-MIXED WITH THE ALOE VERA!***


*Now you have the chance to buy in BULK: either 1/2 lb or 1 lb, making Glitter Nymph more accessible than ever to all types of creators! Please allow between 1-2 week turnaround for bulk orders.

Seasonal Biodegradable Glitter Blends


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