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Glitter is a form of self-care. This monthly subscription box helps you get your monthly dose of sparkle serotonin Treat yourself to a care package delivered to your doorstep each month. The contents will change with the theme of the box every month but you are guaranteed:

1 new or limited edition pack of biodegradable glitter, available only in the monthly care package subscription.

5 biodegradable glitter sample jars, which will not repeat in any three month interval.

1 surprise gift ($1-$15 value) These gifts can be anything from botanicals like the shimmery aloe gels and full moon oils, to samples or even maker collaborations. The gift will be something different each month but hopefully on theme. It may be one or multiple items in some months.

Care packages will ship the last Monday of each month with pre-orders for the current month closing on the Friday before the last Monday.


Sustainability is centered in each care package. The confetti is recycled paper shredded and blended with compostable glitter. The bag that the biodegradable glitter is packaged in is also biodegradable. The small sample jars are glass and can be repurposed or recycled. The stickers and labeling are made with recycled paper labels. Most gifts will come packaged in aluminum, which can be repurposed or recycled. And, of course, the glitter itself is biodegradable. A portion of profits each month goes to frontline environmental organizations. Each package is lovingly crafted just for you. You can feel genuinely good about this gift to yourself.




December 2023:


December's care package, like the month, channels celebration and giving.


- 2024-




That's right, darling, we are channeling big love into this care package.




The focus in February is to get and stay grounded within ourselves. This care package will center the tools to do so.




This care package is a celebration of the awakening of the world in this lively season.



We love that mystical glow of an iridescent shimmer, so much it deserves a month of its own! This care package will feature some of the newest biodegradable glitter technology on the market with added technicolor iridescent rainbows.




Celebrating the magic of working with our hands, this care package will feature a handmade pair of whimsical earrings.




The mushroom is a fascinating creature, with the potential to save the world. We'll celebrate everything fungi with this care package.




We love tiny things! We'll fill this package with the teeniest goodies.




There are so many fascinating creatures and stories in the world. We'll share some to you in this care package.




The only birthstone month in 2024, we'll go all out to celebrate Glitter Nymph's 6th anniversary in business!




Where we're situated, the mighty monarch butterflies flutters through in October on their way south. This feels like the perfect month to honor this sacred being and its momentous journey. We'll share our lessons from this small but mighty creature.




As the seasons shift, this care package will bring some extra warmth to carry us through the season.




Calling in good fortune as we close out the year, this care package will carry the energy of abundance and love.





*The image of this listing serves only as a place- holder. The glitter in the biodegradable packet will change each month and it is guaranteed to be a unique mix. The sunscreen serves as a placeholder, as an EXAMPLE, of a gift you could recieve. The small jars are true to size for the five samples that will change every month.

Monthly Glitter Care Package- SUBSCRIPTION BOX

Price Options
One-time purchase
Every Month!
A care package delivered monthly. You tell us when to stop.
$8.00every month until canceled
$8.00every month for 2 months
$8.00every month for 6 months

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