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Combo 5 glitter packs for the price of 4! Enjoy these themed packs in honor of the flowers.


Based on plants, not plastic, this glitter breaks down in almost any environment. This blend of biodegradable Sparkle and Pure glitter is cosmetic safe, vegan friendly and sustainably sourced. All Glitter Nymph blends come in biodegradable packaging with recycled paper labels.



- cobalto calcite, amber, peacock ore, spessartine, and Tanzanite


- bumblebee jasper, fire opal, amber, spessartine, and rose gold


- gold, selenite, bumblebee jasper, onyx, and rose gold Hydrangea

- chalcedony, morganite, amber, olivine, and dioptase


- red coral, ruby, amber, Fire Opal, and aragonite


- cinnabar, rhodonite, watermelon Tourmaline, cobalto calcite, and ruby

Bat Flower

- onyx, chocolate Opal, obsidian & silver, rose gold, bismuth

Birds of Paradise

- amber, ammolite, spessartine, sapphire & gold, and lepidolite


- rhodonite, cobalto calcite, aragonite, star ruby, and spessartine


- lepidolite, fluorite, aquamarine, olivine, and blue apatite

Belles of Ireland

- peacock ore, chrysoprase, fiery turquoise, olivine, and aquamarine Tulip-

Watermelon Tourmaline, obsidian & gold, sapphire & gold, ammolite, and sapphire & silver


- aquamarine, bumblebee jasper, sapphire &silver, spessartine, and fluorite Zinnia

- aragonite, spessartine, olivine, chocolate Opal, and serpentine


rose gold, sapphire & silver, obsidian & silver, aquamarine, and silver holographic


- peacock ore, chocolate Opal, olivine, bumblebee jasper, and onyx Jasmine

- amber, rose gold, selenite, chocolate Opal, and chalcedony

Floral Collection (5 pack) Biodegradable & Compostable Glitter Mixes


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